T-Shirts / Uniforms

Gold and Blue Pack 206 T-Shirts

These are a great option for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. It makes finding our scouts easy! Each new scout gets a T-shirt on joining, and you can purchase additional shirts at any time.

You can now order these on-demand! The performance is similar to a soccer or sports fabric, while the traditional shirts are cotton. 


As a universal symbol of scouting, the Official BSA Uniform is known for lasting through countless adventures and bringing Scouts together with a common thread. 

Every Scout deserves a uniform. Please contact the Committee Chair if you need a scholarship for a uniform or fill out our Uniform Item Request form

Starting in 2022, the Pack has a formal uniform box. If you've outgrown a uniform, please consider donating it for other scouts to use. If you are in need of uniform pieces, please contact anyone on the Pack Committee. The box will be at all Pack Meetings.

What you need to buy for a complete uniform can be found on the BSA site @ Cub Scout Uniforms.