Blue and Gold Event Coordination


  • Committee Chair identifies Event Chair
  • Pack Leader or Event Chair sends email to pack requesting volunteers to serve on B&G committee


  • B&G Chair should come to Committee meeting with at least 5 options for theme
  • Pack committee chooses top 3 themes
  • Boys vote on top 3 themes at pack meeting
  • B&G Committee has initial meeting to brainstorm and begin to develop program and category-level budget (total budget provided by pack committee)
  • B&G Chair should confirm room reservation on


  • B&G Chair presents food options and high-level event plan at pack committee meeting for feedback
  • B&G Committee reaches out to local business for donations for food items, door prizes, leader gifts, thank-yous, etc.
  • B&G Chair provides Den leaders with direction on how Scouts should contribute to the event (contest, activities, center pieces, etc.)
  • B&G Chair works with Pack Committee Chair to contact FoS
  • B&G Chair asks families to "Save the Date" at December Pack meeting
  • Photographer begins to build Slide Show


  • B&G Chair sends out Invite and RSVP online
  • B&G Committee arranges for special guests/entertainment and emcee (typically a Pack leader) and finalize decorations and activities
  • Dens work on their contributions to the event


  • B&G Committee handles room decoration and last-minute items
  • B&G Chair provides agenda for event and coordinates with presenters
  • B&G Committee handles clean-up and stores left over items in shed