Open House Event Coordination

Room Setup and Preparation (see diagram)

Background activity: Slide show and/or Video of Pack 206 (Need Projector)

Disassemble Big Blue Envelopes of Fun and sort paperwork

Newsletters, applications, table signs, sign in sheets, cost sheets, calendars, etc.

Set up tables in counterclockwise fashion as you enter.

Station 1: Sign In (Asst. Cubmaster)

Sign in Sheet; Boy’s life copy, Greetings, flow progression description

Station 2: What We Do (Cubmaster)

Pack Info Sheet, Calendar, Cub Scout Goals, Activity Flyers

Station 3: Meet & Greet (Den Leaders)

3-4 tables for den leaders. Each den will have their respective den leader(s) at the table to meet & greet and answer questions, talent survey sheets, den roster sheet

Station 4: Forms and More Info (Membership and Comm. Chairs)

Cost Breakdown, Uniform Sheet, Complete Application, Answer Questions, Stress PnP

Station 5: Checkout (Treasurer and Assist.)

Collect fees, and distribute t-shirts, books, slides, neckerchiefs.

Station 6: Den Display Tables

Pinewood Derby cars, rockets, other items from Cubs