Pack Leaders

Behind every great Scouting unit, district, council, area and region is a committed group of adult volunteers. They meet monthly to addresses unit challenges and adjusts program and administrative elements to ensure all the loose ends are tided up. They are key to ensuring a smooth and successful Pack.

How You Can Help

Adults are encouraged to help out as Den Leaders, Committee members, and various coordinator positions...there are actually unlimited ways to volunteer. To volunteer, see any adult at the Pack meetings or contact the Cubmaster/ Committee Chair. There are a ton of different positions. Treasurer, Membership, Pack Liaison, Trip coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Fund Raiser, Secretary, Advancement Coordinator, Summer Camp Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Friends of Scouting Coordinator, Webmaster, Scouting for Food, Jamboree, and many more. Helping out is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 - Pick a job!

Adults volunteers provide resources for the pack and serve as mentors to all Scouts. The number of adult leaders and committee members needed is dependent on the size and needs of the pack. These volunteers are key to a successful Scouting Program. Please contact the the Cubmaster/ Committee Chair if you are willing to help.

Step 2 - Get Training

Step 1 to volunteering is Training. It is Scouting's Goal that all Adult Leaders with direct youth contact are trained. All adult volunteers must complete the BSA Youth Protection Training and it is encouraged that all parents do as well. This provide maximum safety to everyone!

Step 3 - Make it happen

Volunteers are the backbone of the pack and your help makes it all possible.